Plan & Vision

Hookah has been the trendiest topic in the past 10 years. Our aim is to unify a crypto currency for the Hookah Industry, bottom to top.

For many years, millions have been going on-line and buying millions of hookah items and accessories. If they can buy those items, using a new currency, this will increase its value tremendously. Hence Drone was born.

This is a lifetime opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to really invest in a solid crypto project.

Project Benefits

Now is the big thing, anyone who will be using Drone, will get up to 20% Discount on their purchases. Not only this, Hosting, Domain Name purchases, Web Design & Development, Mobile Apps and many other services that are coming soon, will also be up to 20% discount.

There are 150,000,000 people who are into the hookah domain, and those alone, can make Drone stronger than the strongest cryptocurrency ever made.

Drone Plan – Bottom-to-Top

We will build Drone from bottom to top. We will make Drone have a good presence on the e-commerce platforms, and makes its benefits available for both stores and customers, then, we will climb together to higher level businesses, then to the top of the pyramid, the largest companies in the Hookah domain.

Some well-known and reputed businesses are already supporting us, they will also adopt Drone too, which means they will initially facilitate the use of this currency for its holders. This is the beginning of the win-win scenario we are looking for.

This is where we need the help of everyone who believes in this project. You will help us create this momentum.

Target Audience

Demographics: Age groups between 18 and 50, from both genders, from all walks of life.

Firmographics: Al-Fakher, Nakhla, Zomo, Fumari, Ziggy, Social Smoke, Tangiers, Trifecta, Roman, StarBuzz, Gemini, CocoNara, Tom Cococha, Titanium, CarboPol, Oduman, Wookah, Khalil Mamoun, Mya, Fumo, AEON, Trilogy…

Those companies are among a long list that move Billions of Dollars across the globe. Add to them the longer list of Hookah manufacturers and Suppliers worldwide, also, not to mention, the related businesses that are in the hospitality industry, the bookings industry and the aviation industry that are going to ride this wave, once it starts.

Location: Drone is not going to be limited to a specific location, it will be anywhere there is a Hookah involved. Drone would be the strongest in those locations as a start: USA, Europe, Russia, Middle East & Brazil


A currency that you can use, that increases its value the more you use it, is a currency worth holding.

Drone will be dedicated and oriented to the Hookah world, which is an opportunity for everyone who is ready to invest in our project.

Challenges & Threats

There are many cryptocurrencies that have gained fame and name, but all those are at a much higher price now, and investing in them would require a good budget. Drone is a new currency, with low price and a risk-free strategy. Investing in Drone today is less risky than many other cryptocurrencies whose prices have been unstable recently. Some Challenges are as follows:

  • Changes in government regulations
  • Changes in market demand
  • Changes in bank regulations
  • Changes in economies

Marketing Plan

  1. Influencers and Bloggers
  2. YouTube channels
  3. Crypto Channels
  4. Crypto Marketing Experts
  5. Social media
  6. Web Ads
  7. PR via Trusted Partners
  8. Hookah Channels & Influencers